Strona: Architecture / Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture


Full-time undergraduate studies of BSc degree and full-time graduate studies of MSc degree.

For the Architecture studies, the entrance examination in architectural predispositions and artistic talents connected with a competition for secondary school-leaving certificates (BSc engineering studies) is required.

The Architecture graduates are prepared to competently participate in the process of shaping the space that forms the framework for the life of individuals and social groups. Apart from being predisposed to technical sciences, candidates for this field are required to have spatial imagination and artistic skills. Graduates' skills and knowledge can be presented as follows:

  • preparation for work related to architectural and urban design,

  • renovation and restoration of monuments and their adaptation to new functions,

  • interdisciplinary education,

  • designing architectural objects with various functions (residential buildings, public utility buildings, production, entertainment and leisure),

  • qualifications for the preparation of spatial development plans and urban layouts.

More details can be found on the course page.

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