Strona: Hydrotechnics / Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture


Purpose of the Hydrotechnics studies. Studies aimed at improving skills. The aim of education is to acquire detailed knowledge and skills in the field of selected hydrotechnical issues, and thus to raise the level of professional competence in the field of hydrotechnics, with particular emphasis on hydraulic engineering.

Addresses of Hydrotechniqes postgraduate studies. The studies are aimed at people professionally involved in issues related to the broadly understood hydrotechnics or interested in the above topics. The potential candidates for studies include:

  • employees dealing with the administration and management of water resources in local government units;

  • employees of various institutions and workplaces related to the design, operation and management of hydrotechnical facilities;

  • graduates of universities of all types professionally dealing with issues of broadly understood water management.

Graduate profile. Graduates of postgraduate studies will improve their professional qualifications with theoretical basics of hydrotechnics - hydraulics, hydrology, soil mechanics, and learn about selected issues in constructing hydrotechnical structures. The acquired knowledge and skills will increase their competitiveness on the labor market.

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