Strona: Scientific Research / Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture

Scientific Research

Research areas

Main research topics:

  • shaping of structures, advanced structural analysis, reliability design
  • advanced dynamic analysis of structures, identification of structures’ defects and damage
  • new materials and technologies for roads and bridges
  • sustainable design, renewable energy sources in civil engineering
  • modern methods of rainwater draining and management
  • reliability and safety of waterworks, sewerage, and gas systems
  • surface waters ecosystem research and sustainable development and management
  • waste utilization and waste dumps influence on underground water, air and soil
  • water technology and water technology equipment, water purification and renewal


State of the art research laboratories, including the Faculty Laboratory of Structure Research certified by the Polish Centre for Accreditation for the measurements of displacements, settlements and deflection of bridges, measurements of strains, stresses, accelerations, evaluation of the harmfulness of vibration transmitted by the ground on buildings and assessment of the impact of vibration on people in buildings.

Research offer for industry and business

  • design of structures of any complexity
  • periodic inspection, structural surveys, elaboration of repair technologies of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, measurements of displacements and strains, static strength tests and fatigue tests of structural elements and connections,
  • investigation of bridge objects under trial static and dynamic load, wide range of road-related tests, acoustic tests including noise measurements, measurements of acoustic screens' effectiveness and evaluation of acoustic insulation of partition walls
  • analysis and assessment of the risks associated with the operation of municipal systems, concepts of construction, development and modernization of water supply systems
  • environmental investigations of reservoirs, surface waters monitoring, bacteriological, microbiological, parasitological and physicochemical investigation of water, sewage, sludge and soil, assessment of water quality and its suitability for drinking and other purposes,
  • impact assessment of industrial plants, sewage treatment plants, landfills on the environment, waste management in communities, investigation of changes of sediments deposited in the environment, assessment of sanitary threat
  • consulting, expertise and projects of architectural and urban design, spatial planning and the maintenance of historical objects, conservation supervision on historic buildings

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