Strona: Energy / Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture


Full-time undergraduate studies of BSc degree and full-time graduate studies of MSc degree.

Graduates of the 1st degree studies obtain the title of engineer in the field of energy. They have general and specialist knowledge, skills and social competences in the field of proper technical design of energy, electrical, heating, ventilation systems, installations using alternative energy sources. Can create and read technical drawings. They know theoretical basics in the field of technical thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, biology and environmental chemistry. They can formulate and solve practical engineering tasks specific to the power industry. They know the current trends in the implementation of construction works in the field of energy. They can work in a team. They know the regulations related to the implementation of investments related to the broadly understood energy sector, are responsible for their own and co-workers' work safety, are aware of the need to improve professional and personal competences, and act in accordance with the principles of professional ethics.

The field of energy prepares specialists whose task is to ensure conditions for sustainable development, while maintaining the possibility of using various types of energy sources. The acquired knowledge, skills and social competences give graduates of the 1st degree in the field of power engineering full professional preparation for work in industries related to the construction of installations producing and transmitting energy in various forms.

Graduates of the energy faculty may be employed in design offices, construction companies, state administration units, and enterprises providing energy transmission services. A graduate completing his studies will have the necessary knowledge enabling further education in the second degree studies in the field of energy.

More details can be found on the course page.

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