Strona: Civil Engineering / Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture

Civil Engineering

Full-time undergraduate studies by BSc degree, graduate studies of MSc degree and doctoral studies. Moreover, the Civil Engineering studies are performed for the part-time studies, as follows: undergraduate studies by BSc degree and graduate studies of MSc degree.

Civil Engineering graduates, thanks to the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills, have the basics to work in the design and construction of housing, industrial, livestock, public utility buildings as well as roads and bridges, using modern computer techniques. After completing the relevant professional practice, they can apply for building and design licenses. Graduates' skills and knowledge:

  • carrying out repairs and modernization of building and engineering structures,

  • supervising construction processes and managing them with the use of modern techniques and technologies,

  • qualifications for the production of certain building materials,

  • organization of production processes, i.e. the rational location of technical activities and means of production in time and space,

  • organization of optimal control (management) of the construction process, taking into account legal, economic and environmental requirements.

More details can be found on the course page.

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