Strona: Environmental engineering / Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Architecture

Environmental engineering

red. Piotr Nazarko

Full-time undergraduate studies by BSc degree, graduate studies of MSc degree and doctoral studies. Moreover, the Environmental Engineering studies are performed for the part-time studies, as follows: undergraduate studies by BSc degree and graduate studies of MSc degree.

Environmental engineering graduates have knowledge in the field of ensuring the conditions for sustainable development, while maintaining the possibility of removing and liquidating environmental hazards resulting from human activity. After completing the relevant professional practice, they can apply for building and design licenses. Graduates' skills and knowledge:

  • design, construction and operation of sanitary installations,

  • water treatment and supply as well as sewage treatment and discharge,

  • heat and gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems,

  • waste disposal,

  • water retention, protection and monitoring,

  • protection of air and soil,

  • use of renewable energy sources.

More details can be found on the course page.

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